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The Battle Rages... Truth Versus Tradition.

If you are you too scared to think then you have already lost!

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A little bit about The Final Chapter and it's history

The Final Chapter was Born right here in Texas.

Chip Darby Brings a different approach to talk radio, 
The Final Chapter challenges many Cherished older traditions and Ideologies, sometimes with truth and sometimes with just a different s perspective, but always with the intent to provoke thought.

Chip approaches his program with this philosophy,"You are not in a position to learn until you are willing to question what you know. “
The Final Chapter is not known for it’s politically correct attitudes nor is it known for it’s gentle nature, nor is it bound by any topic.
Over the years Chip Darby has interviewed political candidates like Congressman Ron Paul, multiple state congressmen, Sheriffs and gubernatorial candidates like Debra Medina, Greg Abbott, and Kathie Glass 
An enthusiast for second amendment rights Chip has interviewed Sheriff Richard Mack who led the charge to defeat the Brady Bill as well as Mark Westrom Owner and CEO of Armalite industries (the gun manufacturer responsible for the AR 15).
Religion, politics, and science Where do they meet? The Final Chapter has faced these topics head on with Authors on topics from the “Islamic Anti-Christ” to the Great Depression from Christians and porn to Alien abductions and Roswell New Mexico.
When asked why did you start The Final Chapter, Chips response was,

“I am tired of watching self proclaimed conservatives vote for Liberal Republicans and Liberal policies.

I am tired of self proclaimed conservatives trying to legislate morality at the expense of individual liberties.

I am tired of major companies refusing to take a public political stand even when it would serve the best interest of the company and its employees.

I am tired of self proclaimed conservatives using the term religion of peace to describe a religion which has, as a part of its doctrine, the required decapitation of certain groups of people.

I am tired of the ignorance and cowardice of the self proclaimed conservative talk show hosts and their followers. This is why I am here... to challenge traditions and lies...


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